A Little Bit About Me

How I spend my time

How communication happens between all lifeforms has been a focus of mine for a very long time. Consciousness is required for communication and most everything has some form of consciousness. Animals have taught me a great deal about what reality is.  People have both inspired and confused me. However what has surprised me most is how communication happens across both time and space. Most of my time is now invested in understanding how we are all connected across time and space and how we can communicate with all forms of consciousness.  For the last 30 years I have been studying the nature of reality. This has led me to experience the multilayered dynamic of many beings and the fractal nature of all things. I am fortunate enough to truly love what I do. My  life is my  work and my work is my life.  

I currently live in the Greater Toronto area, but my reality expands to many parts of the Universe.

Dreams and Goals

One of my biggest personal dreams is to travel and teach.  I would love to travel all of North America and even Mexico teaching what I do and helping those I can. 

How I can help you.

I have 30 years of experience in helping people and animals solve their problems in unique ways.  Sometimes energy from their ancestral lineage needs to be released. Sometimes they are holding on to an image of themselves that is not true.  Sometimes the outer self needs to have a conversation with the inner self.  There are times you need to talk to your Higher Self.  These are the things I do in many different forms.  I work with the energy of consciousness and understanding in whatever way the client needs.  Often, simply by talking with your deeper awareness, the problem will start to loosen and then let go.  Once people understand how their greater reality lives within them, life becomes a lot easier. Assisting you in creating whatever change you wish to make will involve understanding yourself at a deeper level and what relationship you have with that part of yourself.  We all live in layers and sometimes we need to pull a few layers off to find the energy that fuels your inner conflict.  

I believe the only thing we need to manage in the energy that lies within our own field.  Since external reality is only a mirror of the dynamics within our energy field, there is only a small piece of real estate we need to be concerned with and that is the 3-5 feet in front of us and behind us.  By managing the experience we have in this 6-10 foot diameter we control our external reality.  There is so much more we could get into like Parallel Realities and Dimensional Spaces, but this is a conversation for another moment.  If you want to talk about these things, please feel free to contact me!  

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I do not charge for my books.  However if you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated.  Donations help me create and produce  the content for my blogs and newsletters.  Thank you so much.

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