We are all One!
Rose McMullen

Welcome to my Reality

Welcome to my Reality

Welcome to my RealityWelcome to my Reality

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Who am I?

Where I come from.

I was born in rural Canada.  I grew up in a very natural environment.  My earliest memories were of the Universe and what was out there.  I was always fascinated by the natural world.  My biggest lessons and greatest teachings have come from Nature and I strive to be more like her.

What I do.


Describing what I do is often rather difficult because it is so simple, however, it is not something that is considered common.  The easiest way to describe what I do is to  say that I communicate with the pure energy part of the self to retrieve answers for whomever is asking. This can occur for both Humans and Animals, or anything that has a soul. 

The Result


The Result is, a plan of action has surfaced through Spiritual Coaching for the individual.  Healing has occurred on some level and the level of awareness has become heightened. Memories have been awakened in such a way that the individual can experience themselves as greater than they remember themselves to be.  

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Rose McMullen

Flinton, Ontario, Canada

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By Appointment