The Inner Office

The Parts of our Life

The Inner Office is an internal part of us that records everything we have thought, everything we have felt and how we have experienced all of it.  The Inner Office is the place that manages all the data we have received in this life.  When I speak of data, I am referring to things like, the very first scent we smelled when we emerged from our Mother's womb.  The very first time we experienced being hurt by our needs not being met. The moment we laughed so hard we snorted out our nose. The first time we doubled over in pain from grief.  The Inner Office records every single breath we take throughout our lives and stores it as a form of data that we use as a reference point, so we know how to respond to the experiences we have as we travel through life.  

We play many roles over time as we merge many realities from Babyhood to Old Age.  These roles become parts of us and within those parts are stored all the memories that we experienced as we played those roles.  These parts are interactive and do communicate with one another.  They talk to one another and even argue with one another when you are struggling to make decisions or choices about your life. However each of these parts are deeply ingrained into their own patterns and beliefs. 

Each of these parts believes they have the solution as to how you should best live your life.  This is one of the reasons we often see people activate the same pattern over and over again, when they think they are making different decisions.  It is also why we cannot move away from our problems.  We may change cities, or jobs, but eventually the same old pattern rises to the surface, and we end up feeling like we are being punished for something.  

We are not being punished, we just have a dominant part that rules our decision making processes because we have never stopped to wonder why we do, what we do.  This is how our beliefs systems live in a reality where all they know is that one Belief.  Of course not all parts are bad or angry or dominant. Parts play many different roles and you may switch out which one is dominant if the situation requires it.  Our parts run our lives and influence every move we make in an unconscious manner if we do not get to know them.  

Our parts are like short video clips that just play over and over so that they can continuously validate the reality that created them, even if that reality was created as a young child.  It is like looking outside, thinking it is going to rain, so you put on a raincoat and get your umbrella.  But when it doesn't rain you go and stand in a sprinkler to validate wearing a rain coat.  It is very easy to have a part that was created at the age of 3 making decisions for you at the age of 45.  This is because the engine that drives your parts is fueled by emotion.  Your parts are not terribly invested in the physical experience you are having, they only care what you feel about it. So if an experience is triggering a similar feeling as you had when you were 3, then that part has dominion over your decision making processes.  Sound a little bit crazy?  I agree, however by working with your parts you will be able to effectively release beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you. 

The process of working with Parts is very simple.  We need to have a focus point to start.  So, perhaps you have some physical pain you wish to release or a pattern of behaviour that is stopping you from getting where you want to go.  Perhaps you desperately want a relationship but no matter how hard you try, nothing ever works out.  There is no situation that is not appropriate for Parts work.  Since you are the accumulation of your history, your parts will always be involved in any change you wish make.  

The session can be done in person, over the phone, or via skype or other online platform for distance or international clients.  I have been working this way for many years and online is just as effective as in person.   Energy does not know space or time, so location is not as important as you may think it is.  

The session itself will feel like a conversation that takes you deeper and deeper inside yourself.  It is a gentle progression and I have never had anyone encounter something they cannot handle.  We locate the part that holds the experience which is causing the challenge and give the part the opportunity to tell its story from its perspective.  Throughout the session the part is allowed to feel validated and offer any advice or suggestions that help the client.  Once this occurs the part is offered the opportunity to change, to grow up or to relocate, which it is happy to do.  After all, can you imagine a life time doing the same thing over and over and never being able to do something different?  Once validated the part is happy to move on, thereby releasing the client from the pattern held by the part.  

There are times one part is deeply connected to more parts and this can take a little longer or sometimes a couple of sessions to disentangle and release.  This applies more for long standing issues that have been dominant since conception, birth or early childhood.  Yes that is right, we can bring parts of ourselves, from other lifetimes through the conception point.  Like I said, this work does transcend time and space.  

The journey into the self is always an interesting one as we suddenly have access to the parts of our life we have filed away.  It is like unlocking a personal vault where life is recorded in emotional frequency and data is stored as images that we do not normally see with our eyes.  It may be an unusual world but it is your personal interpretation of your experience of reality.   

Is there something you want to change in your life?  Book a session with me and let's take a journey into your reality.  

Pricing for Sessions

All fees payable by Paypal or etransfer when doing over the phone sessions. IN person sessions can be paid for by paypal, etransfer or cash. Thank you.